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March 10 2015

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March 09 2015

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Sexy Pleasures

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White panties and white socks…my hot favourite!!!!!!!!!

Any girl in white socks out there want to submit a pic?

I’ve decided to post this for endless times because, damn, I really really really love this pic!!!!!!

Still waiting for your submissions though!

Always a reblog…

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self-made gag and collar

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Geoffrey Johnson
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March 05 2015

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My girlfriends ass and pussy freshly fucked

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March 04 2015

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A Working BMO Super Nintendo Emulator

3D print designer Mike Barretta built this amazing BMO emulator using an assortment of 3D printed pieces and Super Nintendo buttons, as well as a mixture of electronic equipment. To see this emulator in action, check out the play test of Donkey Kong Country.

You can learn to build your own BMO Emulator via Matt’s Thingiverse. Instructions, needed parts, 3D print files and everything else you need to know can be found on his page. Finally you can have your very own BMO!

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March 02 2015

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